GLACONCHEMIE is an independent, medium-sized company with distinctive competence in the sustainable processing of co-products from the Biodiesel production. Our premium and high-purity products are used as basic and raw materials for various applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the paint and varnish industry, as well as in the cosmetics and food industries. The core competence of GLACONCHEMIE lies in the production of high-quality pharmaceutical and technical glycerine on the basis of ecologically sustainable raw materials, predominantly the crop rape. Based on this high quality glycerin we are working on the continuous development and improvement of follow-up products. Our glycerol derivatives provide sustainable and renewable alternative to petroleum-based products. We deliver our products always according to your needs and demands - in different concentrations, year round, just-in-time and on a multi-ton scale across national boundaries. GLACONCHEMIE’s know-how of Green Chemistry helps to use valuable raw materials more efficiently, to reduce costs and to lower the impact on humans, nature and the environment.

Renewable energy
Biodiesel is an energy source comparable to diesel fuel. Contrary to conventional diesel fuel, however, biodiesel is not obtained from crude oil, a limited resource which is simply too valuable for burning. Biodiesel is produced from biogenic and therefore renewable raw materials, such as vegetable oil. The most important raw-material supplier is the field crop rape (rape diesel). Since the utilized raw materials are renewable, biodiesel is counted as one of the renewable energy sources.
From a chemical point of view, biodiesel is a rapeseed methyl ester (RME). RMEs are formed by transesterification of fats and oils (triglycerides) with methanol. During the acid or alkaline catalyzed reaction, the trivalent alcohol glycerine is exchanged with methanol, in order to enhance the flowability of the fuel and to prevent freezing in very low, sub-zero temperatures. Aside from RME, another by-product of the reaction is the so-called substandard glycerine, which sediments as residue because of its higher specific density.
Substandard glycerine is a compound of glycerine, water, catalyst, excess methanol and free fatty acids.

We fulfill the requirements of Green Chemistry
GLACONCHEMIE’s glycerine production is based on patented KVT (KVT process technology) technology, GLACONCHEMIE’s main shareholder. Our raw materials include the substandard glycerine which accumulates during the biodiesel production. By using chemicals only sparingly and employing only purely physical separation methods we separate the raw material into its chemical components, hence we produce not just high-purity glycerine of pharmaceutical quality (GLYCAMED®) but also marketable fatty acids and methanol as well as salts for the fertilizer industry.

Product Development

In order to maximize your added value, GLACONCHEMIE engages in Research and Development (R&D). It is our aim to unlock the full potential of biogenic glycerine and to create glycerine specialties for your application, which enables you to enhance your prospects on the market and to substitute valuable raw materials on the basis of limited resources such as crude oil.

We apply our innovation and performance in order to assist you to the best of our knowledge and judgment and to optimize your added value.

Quality Management

In our company guidelines we have committed to exclusively utilizing purely vegetable products for the production
of pharmaceutical glycerine, with a strong emphasis on the aspect of sustainability. The company has decided that crude glycerine based on used cooking oils, which are originally of vegetable origin but in the course of their use have been mixed with fats of animal origin, will only be supplied for technical uses, the same applies to glycerine from the lipolysis of animal fats. It can not be permitted to produce a raw material, whose quality cannot be monitored down to the smallest detail, at the cost of humans and the environment, while adequate economical and ecological solutions exist, which are also safe for human health.
There is no question that these solutions exist for the production of glycerine, in form of nearly all common oleaginous plants including rape, sunflower, soy and oil palm. As long as sustainability is ensured, all pure vegetable oils must be considered as the raw materials of choice and should be preferred over animal products. This is especially the case when glycerine is used in the production of medical drugs, foods or cosmetics.

For the benefit of the consumer it is important to ensure that raw material sources are indeed faultless and safe. In animal products this can only be determined to a certain extent. Our pharma glycerine is not only of high quality and fulfills the strictest requirements – of the European Pharmacopeia, the United States Pharmacopeia, the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), the “NON-GMO”-standards of the European Union, the HACCP and the DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 22000 and the Kosher and Halal guidelines.

Our glycerine is of vegetable origin.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance, always on the safe side Trust is good, control is better: All of the raw materials we useand the final products approved for distribution have been tested for their flawless quality by our experts in the analysis laboratory. The analysis is carried out during the production, using the latest analytical instruments and methods, such headspace gas chromatography (HS-GC) or spectral photometry.
Our chemists, chemical engineers and laboratory assistants accompany the production year-round in a multiple shift system, so that continuous quality monitoring of raw materials and products can be guaranteed.Regular professional development, continuing training and courses deepen our professionals’ expertise and encourage an interdepartmental exchange of experiences.


In close co-operation we develop for you and with you logistics and service concepts that exactly fit your expectations.
We supply first-class, high- quality raw materials for you, so that you can offer your customers the best. We assist you in reducing storage costs by delivering just in time product quantities tailored exactly to your demand. We deliver in road tankers, flexi tanks, IBC or drums – just as you wish. We label, palletize and commission goods for you and transport solid or liquid substances, by road, rail or sea. You lower your expenses and raise your added value at the same time.

And if you need help handling permits and clearing formalities – we are there for you!