Customized Product Development



GLACONCHEMIE is an independent, medium-sized company with distinctive competence in the sustainable processing of co-products from the Biodiesel production. Our premium and high-purity products are used as basic and raw materials for various applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the paint and varnish industry, as well as in the cosmetics and food industries. The core competence of GLACONCHEMIE lies in the production of high-quality pharmaceutical and technical glycerine on the basis of ecologically sustainable raw materials, predominantly the crop rape. Based on this high quality glycerin we are working on the continuous development and improvement of follow-up products. Our glycerol derivatives provide sustainable and renewable alternative to petroleum-based products. We deliver our products always according to your needs and demands - in different concentrations, year round, just-in-time and on a multi-ton scale across national boundaries. GLACONCHEMIE’s know-how of Green Chemistry helps to use valuable raw materials more efficiently, to reduce costs and to lower the impact on humans, nature and the environment.

Since the year 2005, the company has been located in Merseburg, in one of the most traditional and innovative industrial locations in Germany. The close geographical proximity to the chemical parks Leuna and Schkopau, as well as the excellent infrastructure, guarantee short ways to customers, partners and suppliers. The high-performance research environment with multiple practically oriented colleges, universities and private research institutes warrants a fast knowledge transfer between science and economy. At the same time, our company can profit from the large number of excellently trained and highly motivated specialized staff in the region. The advantageous location provides ideal conditions for a long-termoriented commitment and sustainable expansion of our company in the region.

In times of a global market system with the pressure of competition constantly rising, even beyond national borders, reacting quickly and flexibly to the demands of the market and the customers – naturally without lowering the quality of the products at the same time – is essential for the survival of a business. GLACONCHEMIE reliably supports you in achieving top performance, even in rapidly changing markets.

Partners of biodiesel producers

The production of biodiesel is anything but a trivial matter. This is especially due to the substandard glycerine which is generated as a by-product and can only be recycled in costly specialized units. GLACONCHEMIE takes on this task for you. We will take over the glycerine mixture generated in your biodiesel production at a fair, marketable price at a date set by you. You do not have to worry about transport and logistics – this part is also part of our service. This is how GLACONCHEMIE establishes the best conditions for operating even smaller units. You can fully focus on your core business, we manage the rest.

Surplus values by combined competence

Choosing GLACONCHEMIE means choosing a strong partner that possesses all relevant competences in production, plant and process technology.

GLACONCHEMIE‘s partner KVT PROCESS TECHNOLOGY offers high-quality services and solutions for exhaust gas combustion and patented desulphurization units, as well as application- and system-specific knowhow for the production of secondary chemical products based on biogenic glycerines. If you as a manufacturing company wish to expand your product portfolio and utilize raw materials with maximum efficiency, we will support you with combined strengths. As your competent partner from the start we provide you with a comprehensive service that includes planning, construction and operation of suitable processing plants.

European Pharmacopeia, of the United States Pharmacopeia and of the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), as well as the strict ‘NON GMO’ standards of the European Union regarding genetically modified organisms (GMO). GLACONCHEMIE is using the HACCP concept. Its proper implementation and observance is constantly checked according to certification DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 22000 and the Kosher and Halal guidelines.