Pharmaceutical glycerine in a 86.5% concentration.

About Glycamed® 86.5

GLACONCHEMIE produces, among other things, glycerine exclusively from raw materials of vegetable origin. In the company’s factory with state-of-the-art technology, the by-products from the biodiesel production are refined and processed into high-quality basic and raw materials. Beside methanol, potassium sulphate and fatty acids, this especially includes the socalled pharma glycerines.
GLACONCHEMIE is marketing pharmaceutical glycerine under the trade name Glycamed® with a concentration of 99.7 %. As one of few suppliers in Germany, we also produce glycerine with a concentration of 86.5 %, which is commonly required in various applications, especially in the cosmetics industry. Glycamed® serves as a basic material for the production of crèmes, salves and toothpaste and is also employed in the food industry (E 422) and for pharmaceutical products.

Certified safety

GLACONCHEMIE meets the highest requirements:

European Pharmacopeia VII
United States Pharmacopeia
Food Chemical Codex (FCC)
“NON GMO”-Standards of the European Union

Product specification, GLYCAMED ® 86,5%

Chemical product: Glycerin, min. 86.5 %
Chemical name: 1,2,3-Propantriol
Chemical formula: C3H8O3
Mol mass: 92.1 g/mol
CAS-No: 56-81-5
EINECS: 200-289-5
Revision: 2.0; Okt.2014

Appearance: Clear, colourless, hygroscopic, syrupy liquid with only mild, characteristic odour is neither strong nor unpleasant.
Origin: Pure vegetable basis. The quality meets the requirements of the European Food Safety Authority concerning the classification as food additive E422 Glycerin.



Glycerin (Assay)

83,5% - 88,5%

Identification by GC


Appearance of solution

Clear, Colourless

Acidity or Alkalinity

<= 0.2 ml NaOH 0,1N

Refractive index (nD)



<= 10ppm


>= 8 ml HCl 0,1N

Impurities related substances (GC)


Impurities after Glycerin peak

<= 0.5 %

Impurities before Glycerin peak

<= 0.1 %

Diethylenglycol (GC)

<= 0.1 %

Fatty Acids and Esters


Halogenated compounds

<= 30ppm

Chlorinated compounds (as Cl)

<= 30ppm



Chlorides (as Chlorine)

<= 10ppm


<= 20ppm

Heavy metals (as Pb)

<= 5ppm



Sulphated ash

<= 0.01 %

Density at 20°C

1.222-1.231 g/cm3

APHA-Colour ASTM D1209

<= 10

Residue on Ignition


Acrolein, Glucose and NH3 combinations


* Conforming to the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia (EP), the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC).

** Storage information: Approx. 1 year when stored in refined steel or aluminium tanks at temperatures of max. 40°C and kept under nitrogen blanket. The shelf life may decrease at higher temperatures.

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